Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Pics!

Hi there! Hope you enjoy these new hot pics...of course I saved all the steamy ones for the members on my site. But here is a little preview for you! Enjoy!

xoxo Naughty Natalie

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Free Show...

Hi guys! Just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to my free show! I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too! Unfortunately i am from a small town (where I no longer live I would like to point out) and a person who created a fake myspace page got wind of my free show. Needless to say this person and I had issues before with stalking me at my previous job. So the show ended pretty quick after he said who he was. It doesn't seem like the 'free show' option will be available anymore because of this individual. I have deleted his myspace account so he no longer has access to my page but am sure that he will just make another one. So sorry about the end of the fun free shows! It is sad that one person has to ruin it for everyone. But thank you again everyone who did stop by and for all of your sweet e-mails and messages about this individual! Stop by and see me anytime for a one on more creepy people allowed! LOL

Naughty Natalie

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My first Blog!!!!

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog! I guess the right thing to do is to tell you a little bit about myself and to show you some pictures. Enjoy! I will be updating a lot since my life in the porn line is very crazy!

My name is Natalie, but you can call me Naughty Natalie :-) I'm really excited to meet new people and to show off my hot new solo site! I'm originally from Kansas (no Wizard of Oz jokes please!) but a city girl at heart. Hopefully one day I will make it to the coast! Being from Kansas does have its benefits though. I am a die hard Jayhawk fan! Go KU! I also love surprising guys with what us little Kansas girls can do!!!! In my free time I love to play with my amazing puppy....and show off my hot little pussy :-) Meow! Oh, and did I mention taking hot naked pictures...outside?!?!?! I'm always looking for a little danger...and secretly hoping to get arrested for public nudity...its a dream!

So how did this little Kansas sweetheart become the hottest girl on the net? It all started one day while I was working, you know, at one of those real 9 to 5 boring jobs and going to school full time at KU (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!). One day I called in sick and realized I was replaced with a sign....with a sign!!!! I couldn't take it any more! So I found a great way to get out all of my dirty little secrets online being a web cam model. I love showing all the guys what this naughty little girl can do :-) Being on cam is my favorite thing to do! So why not start my own site where I can show all my friends my sexy pictures that myspace wont allow AND do all my sexy cam shows?

I really hope to get to know each and everyone one of you very well. I love to take new hot pictures and video to add to my page so it will always be changing! When I'm not taking pictures you can always talk to me on my web second home! Stay tuned because this little Kansas girl is ready for some fun...who knows where I will strike next!

xoxo Naughty Natalie